Friday, February 11, 2011

Valentine's Day

Today kicks off the many nights that couples choose to celebrate Valentine's Day.  Restaurants offer their free champagne, prix fixe, limited menu options tonight through Monday.  Flower prices more than double - last Monday you could get a dozen red roses for $10, this weekend, they'll be more than double that. 

Last year Gimpy and I went out on Valentine's Day.  It was our first, and I asked if we could go to Mitchell's Fish Market - yum.  We arrived at the packed restaurant, ordered our food which was off of their special menu, and waited.  While we sat there and enjoyed our wine and salad, we were shocked when someone dropped off our dinners and walked away, leaving us a little shocked to find where our lobster tails were supposed to be, there were Alaskan King crab legs - and Gimpy was not feeling it.  After another 10 minutes we finally got someone's attention, were told they were supposed to alert us, and they hadn't.  We ordered new entrees (I wasn't about to eat my dinner and wait another 30 minutes for his to come), had our meals comped, and went home. 

After that event, I decided that this year, I didn't want to go out on Valentine's Day. 

I was talking to my friend Carolyn yesterday and it perfectly summed up how I feel about this...
Me: Do you know if Morton's has a fireplace?
Carolyn: Hmmm.... no clue, why?
Me: We're going for dinner on Tuesday night
Carolyn: For Valentine's Day?
Me: Yup!!
Carolyn: So fun!
Me: I'm excited, I've never been, and the food looks amazing
Carolyn: Ummm.... you two know Valentine's Day is Monday, right?
Me: That's exactly why we're going Tuesday...

I feel like it's just too much pressure to go out on the actual day, and too much money.  I've told Gimpy I don't want flowers on V-day either (that's not to say I would turn them down if he brought some the following week!), so I'm hoping we can just have a nice relaxed night out and not end up like any of these people with crazy Valentine's stories~


Organic Meatbag said...

Lobster tails are neat, but I loves me some sweet crab meat...yes, that was the most atrocious rhyme in the world, and it was deliberate....uggghhhh...I'm sorry...

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