Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Death by Chocolate

Sunday we had, of course, a Superbowl party!  I made potato salad and Death by Chocolate, which is what I am sharing with you today...

For Death by Chocolate, a lot of it depends on what it is that you like, you can really use any type of candy for a filler.  You can also use chocolate cake, or brownies, and you can use cool whip layers or chocolate pudding if you want it to be super chocolatey!

For this Death by Chocolate, I started with a layer of browies and a layer of chocolate syrup.  I layer them into a trifle dish, and top with cool whip.

After the cool whip, I added a layer of chopped heath bar - yum.  Followed by another layer of brownie, syrup, cool whip, heath bar, brownie, syrup, and cool whip!

Add a final layer of syrup and another of chopped heath bar - I'm not a huge fan of chocolate, so this is the perfect dessert balance for me.  I've also done it with chopped peanut butter cups, which is fabulous. 

Serve and enjoy!


Organic Meatbag said...

I am hoping that one day, my death certificate will actually read - Cause of death: chocolate...

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