Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Two Super Exciting Party Announcements!

The joke with my friends is that I'm like Brett Farve.  A few weeks ago in frustration, I retired from party planning, but added the addendum that it didn't include pub crawls, and was really mostly limited to events that required tickets or money. Everyone knew it wouldn't last long.

Now, here's one thing, for my friends in CT who read my blog, and speak to my friends here, stop reading if you can't keep this strictly confidential.  Just go on and read the next post about making a fabulous mushroom pasta.  If you can keep a secret, go ahead and read on.

So, last night after volleyball, I was sitting with my friend BG and discussing the frustration that while I am blissfully, perfectly, amazingly happy to have the hands down best boyfriend on the planet in Gimpy, all I want is for my friends to find that same happiness with their perfect person.  He's 30, and is in the same boat as a lot of my huge group of single friends - he wants to find someone special to share his life with.  We discussed that while it's amazing to have such a huge group of friends, it really hurts you when it comes to meeting new people.  As does going to the same bars, over, and over, and over again, where you've met all of the regulars. 

That's when it hit me.  I turned to him, and said "BG!  I have an idea.  I'm planning an event.  It will be a bar scavenger hunt, played as individuals, at the bars in SoNo.  I'm going to make all sorts of challenges for everyone, and it will be the perfect icebreaker to meet new people at the bar, and a great way to force everyone to talk to people they normally wouldn't approach, but might be super cool." 

The questions will be fun, and for some you'll have to get photo evidence on the phone, and others, people will have to write down parts.  The end will come at 12:30, and they'll have to follow the clues to where Gimpy and I are waiting to determine the winner.  Some examples will be "Identify someone wearing the shirt to a band.  Find out their favorite song."  "Get 2 people to send Flip a facebook friend request asking to be invited to The 12 Bars of Christmas".  I'm really excited for it, and I think it will be really good and fun for my friends.

Second piece of exciting news... I'm going as a gingerbread girl for the 12 Bars of Christmas this year, and Gimpy wants to go as the gingerbread man from Shrek!  Not matching, but coordinating for sure...  I've got to start making them both! 


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