Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Koozies Ordered, Countdown Begins!

We are officially 45 days from the Third Annual Preppy Pub Crawl. That's approximately 1,080 hours, or 64,800 minutes, or 3,888,000 seconds.  Last year was so much fun, that I am already thinking about my outfit for this year, and just ordered our koozies today.  They'll be teal, with pink writing and an anchor - so excited!

For my outfit this year, I want something like this:

  Or something like this:

I am leaning toward the Vineyard Vines option because my friend works there and can get a discount... Thoughts?


*uncorked said...

That first one is perfect for you. The second one is adorable too, but I prefer the first. I wish I could be there this year!!!

Little J said...

So happy I waited! The first one went on sale today, AND I found another 10% off promo :)

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