Tuesday, April 12, 2011

I Cook More Than You, and Entertain More Than You....

So why can't I have a registry too?

We just got back from Gimpy's brother's wedding this weekend, and last night had dinner with some friends who are getting married in June, so I have registries on the brain.  Plus with Easter coming up, I keep thinking of all the serving dished and things I wish I had. 

I also want a new wine rack.  Gimpy and I have been venturing to more wineries lately, which is a lot of fun, but we have too much wine now and no place to put it.  Gimpy told me I can't buy one because we both need to save money, and I agree with him totally because I really want a house.

What I should probably do, is just bring my wine rack, that never stays full, over to his place, but then we'd have nothing at Liberty, and there would be no place to put my wine glasses.  I basically just need to stop indulging myself, save my money, buy my little house, and then pull a V and invite everyone over for a housewarming, where they can buy things off MY registry...  I just don't understand why you have to wait until you're married to have people buy you things to "help you get started on your life together".  I've started my life, and it's a pretty darn good one! 


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