Thursday, December 9, 2010

Fun Party Display from San Francisco

This week I'm in San Francisco for a work conference.  It's been a loooong week, and I did a little bit of Christmas shopping while I've been here.  I wandered into Crate and Barrel to send Gimpy some ideas for holiday gifts for me, and saw the cutest idea. 

They used their place card holders to label bottles of wine! 
I wouldn't use my place card holders to label wine, I mean, let's be serious, it's on the labels!  I do love this idea though for labeling my appetizers that I put out.  I have some really cute ones at home that are super Christmas-y, so I think I'll try it for my next party or brunch. 


mm said...

The family I spent Thanksgiving with used their fall place card holders to identify the various dishes (there were a ton of them!), since we did the buffet-style thing, and then went and ate together in their dining room. :o)
Hope you're having fun in SF!

*uncorked said...

It's cute! I used Christmas gift tags to label at my party. Only the one for the lobster dip fell off and one of my friends who is allergic ate some. Not good.

*uncorked said...

Oh, but he's alive and well now. I should have added that in the comment.

Little J said...

@mm - such fun! I think it's a really good idea, and am going to have to break it out next time!
@uncorked - wow, kind of key that he survived! As for lobster dip, yum. Next time you come visit I'm taking you for wine and lobster nachos!

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