Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Sometimes I Really Hate Men...

I should preface this post by saying it is in no way, shape, or form about Gimpy.  He's an amazing boyfriend, and I wake up every morning wondering how I ever managed to be so lucky as to end up with him.  This post is about another guy entirely...

So I have a friend from grad school at TCU, a sweet little girl named B.  We met in our first grad school class a few years ago, and became fast friends and running buddies (while I lived in Texas).  She was there for me all the time when my ex and I broke up, and she was always on the look-out for her Prince Charming.  In January 2009, she called me excitedly because she thought she'd met him.  The Hamburgler was everything she had ever dreamed of (with the exception of his family being huge OU fans).  I met him that February when MM and I went into town early for another friend's wedding, and he seemed like a really, really good match for her. 

Cue to the next December, when I had this feeling deep down in my stomach, I just needed to call B.  I was wandering through Target, and she picked up right away - she was beyond estatic - the Hamburgler had just proposed!  That was followed by a weekend trip to Texas in March to pick out her dress, our bridesmaid dresses, and to meet her other girls. 

Last night I was laying in bed with Gimpy after yet another eventful weekend full of parties, puppy sitting, and fun, and my phone starts to vibrate with a text. 

"Just wanted you to know, I'm not ready to talk about it yet, but The Hamburgler called off our engagement tonight."

It makes me furious.  I hate it, I hate him, and I am so mad I am 2000 miles away and can't be there for her right now. 

Thanks for letting me vent. 


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