Friday, July 9, 2010

There Once Was a Man From Nantucket.... and he was a creepy pervert!

I just returned from a glorious week in Nantucket - fun, sun, friends, biking, drinking, etc.  It was wonderful - with one exception....

There was a creepy thief!  We arrived on the island by ferry on Sunday morning because Gimpy and I had to go to his roommate's huge annual party - Visifest.  So we arrived, went to the grocery store, liquor store, and then headed over to the beach.  We spent a few hours on the beach, drinking, body surfing, having a good time.  At this point, there were 5 of us girls, and 3 guys staying at the house my friend Bobby rents every year.  After leaving the beach, we showered, hung up our suits, and went out for the night.  My roommate, B hung hers up over the deck railing, and Chelsea and I hung up ours on the line.  We went out for the night in full on Fourth of July glory to go explore the town (after a dinner of grilled salmon on cedar planks, salad, and orzo pasta salad).

After a night of drinking, dancing, shots, and bar hopping, we all headed back home.  The next morning I made breakfast and a huge pitcher of iced coffee and we headed out to the deck to have breakfast.  That's when B noticed that her bathing suit was missing.  We were concerned (it was royal blue, and that's not easy to find!).  We concluded that it must have blown over the edge and been taken by the neighborhood dog.  So we headed to the beach (luckily we all packed multiple suits) and played for a few hours. 

When we got back from the beach, I went to hang the peach bathing suit I had been wearing on the line, and pulled down Chelsea's and mine from the day before.  The bottom to Chelsea's bathing suit was missing.  This was a concern, but again, we figured it fell and the dog got it.  We showered and went downtown to explore the shops.  Gimpy and I had ridden our bikes down, and everyone else took a cab to meet our other 2 guys who were coming in. 

On the way home, Mike and Bob got into the house before we did.  They thought Jeremy and I had made it back first, and saw a person they assumed was me running out of the house.  That's when someone told them we weren't home yet.  I rode my bike into the back yard, and stopped by my friends.  First question asked "Please tell me one of you took my peach bathing suit off the line" - they hadn't.  Miss Kitty was packing, and came out announcing that one of her thongs was stolen.

The girls immediately ran into the house.  We had left both doors locked when we came back, the spare key to the house was gone and the back door was unlocked.  Turns out the little perv had gone through every single bag and removed a pair of underwear from each girl's bag, and also taken another bikini from mine!  Needless to say, we were freaked.  The landlord came over, changed the locks, and called the police for us.  Nothing else was stolen, but still a creppy side to our vacay!

Total lost:
3.5 bikinis
5 pairs underwear


mm said...

Um...ew! That is definitely a creepy perv story, and I would have been freaked out too! Glad that the landlord was so responsive and nothing else happened after they changed the locks!

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