Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Time to Throw a Pub Crawl!!

Two years ago, I was sitting at Kona Bar and Grill with my friend Bob.  It was November, and we were discussing which bars we would hit that night.  The bartender, Megan, got excited and asked us, "Are you guys doing the 12 Bars of Christmas?"  We were intrigued - she then explained that she knew some people who did a pub crawl in December and they did 12 bars in ugly Christmas sweaters.  I hate ugly Christmas sweaters, so we decided just Christmas costumes, and in December 2008 - the 1st pub crawl I ever threw was born!

The problem was, in January people starting asking when the next pub crawl was!  My roommate and I decided that we needed to keep it limited to two a year, and we needed some time off between them.  I don't like when people can't express their individuality, so the decision to get custom koozies instead of t-shirts was an easy one.

This May marked the 2nd Annual Preppy Pub Crawl!

The secret to throwing a killer pub crawl is simple - invite everyone you know, invite them to bring their friends, get people who love to express themselves, and choose a great line up of bars!

I order my koozies from Custom Ink - I get the collapsable kind, which works well for packing in to purses, pockets, etc.  I order about 100 of them, and charge $3 each.  That way, people aren't spending a ton of money, but everyone can identify each other.

My friend Tristyn got me a big bag from Vineyard Vines to keep my koozies in this year - it was a huge score!  I am totally glad it made it home for the next Preppy Pub Crawl too.  She also picked up my headband for me.  It was red with navy blue anchors, and it totally rocked with my navy blue Ralph tennis dress (from the kids section, thank goodness I am short!).

The night was a huge success.  We had about 75-80 people in total, and with the exception of a huge jerk at Bradfords (hate that bar anyway) who tried to fight a bunch of us - and told me that I need a boob job (um, are you kidding??) - the night went off without a hitch!

Gimpy even rocked an outfit that kind of matched mine, and we didn't even plan it.  Isn't he cute with his little lobster shorts?  


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