Tuesday, June 15, 2010

My Sister is Turning 30!!

My beautiful (older) sister is turning 30 this year, but I should note that it won't be happening until July 11th.  K is in a very, very different place than I am in her life; she's married to E, has two beautiful, adorable, wonderful little boys, and lives in a house in the 'burbs.  I love my life, but sometimes I think it would be astounding to compare our livers.  Mine is clearly in much worse shape.

K married E, and her best friend Jen married his little brother.  E sent me a text message late in March to let me know that they were going to throw a surprise, joint 30th b-day party May 22nd for K, Jen, and E's sister Laura... to which I immediately texted back "nooooooo!  I can't go!  It's the biggest social event of the Spring, and I've had the date set since January 1st!"  - clearly it was the Preppy Pub Crawl.  I should also point out that Jen's (31st) birthday was June 12th, K's was July 11th, and Laura's March 23rd.  Hmm...  So, E came through as an awesome brother-in-law and changed the date of the party so that I can attend.  Yay!

So E called me a few weeks ago, and we had the following conversation:

E: "Hey!  I need your opinion on something.  My mom and I are discussing the party, and I want everyone to have a little take home favor of some sort.  Do you think tee-shirts or visors are better?"
Me: "Um.... honestly, neither.  It's a backyard BBQ, why don't you do koozies?"
E: "Koozies?  What are those?"  (mind you, E can drink, a lot)
Me: "Beer koozies!  They are like a snuggie for your beer, the little foam things that your beer slides into and it keeps it cold.  I order 125 of them twice a year for my pub crawls, always a big hit."
E: "Hmm... that's a good idea.  How much are they?  I mean, I still want to get t-shirts for the girls to wear that day."
Me: "Around $125 for 100, that includes shipping, and people actually can use them again.  People don't really wear t-shirts or visors.  Also, if you are getting shirts for the girls, please go to Customized Girl, it's a much better selection than any other!"

I am looking forward to the birthday, I am driving up with Gimpy and one of K and my mutual good friends, Steve.  I have a feeling the boys will be getting drunk in my backseat while I drive, and Gimpy has already planned to "Ice" Steve before they get in the car.  Should be an interesting ride.  Then when we get there I will proceed to ignore them both and play with the boys!

Just glad E listened to me and ordered the koozies!  Can you imagine if someone gave you a visor as a party favor?  Ugh.


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