Friday, May 20, 2011

We're Going Out for Steak

So Gimpy tells me the other day that he and some of our guy buddies got this really great deal for a steak restaurant in the City.  They had to use it by the end of June, and so they were going to go in the night before the Preppy Pub Crawl and enjoy these amazing steaks. 

Everyone who knows me, knows that two things are true.
1. I LOVE food.  I look at restaurant menus for fun, and when I go out to eat I try to make dishes at home that I've enjoyed.
2. I'm absurdly insecure.  Always worried that Gimpy is going to find someone prettier, skinnier, just all around better.

Keeping these things in mind, I asked Gimpy what the name of the restaurant was.  I was thinking it would be fun to send over a round of drinks for these boys - since I adore them all - so I looked it up to find the location and check out the menu.

I thought he was getting this

Here it is. 

"Roberts may sit a balcony of the Penthouse Executive Club, and be filled with flirtatious strippers, but it serves a steak that is above reproach."  Um.....

Apparently he's getting this

The insecure little girl in me immediately goes to one thought - "Oh, so now I understand why he didn't want to come over tonight because he doesn't know how late he'll be home because he'll be too busy motorboating strippers and getting bernaise sauce on their g-strings."

And I decided I wasn't drinking tonight??


*uncorked said...

We talked about this already, but 1) you are hotter than any of the strippers and 2) not one of them could hold Gimpy's interest for more than 30 seconds with their clothes on. Relax.

Strip clubs aren't that big of a deal. They're paid to flirt rather than the slutbags who are just out for sex in bars.

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