Tuesday, March 22, 2011

I Want a Lot of Things...

I think living in Texas for four years ruined me.  When I lived down there, I was able to rent a 1200 square foot, 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom place with a pool, a fitness room, and a walking path around a golf course for $799 per month - and I split that with my roommate.  Now I think nothing of my friends getting an apartment that's half the size, and splitting $2,500 a month in rent. 

Today I have encountered the huge problem of wanting a house with a big back yard for entertaining.  I clearly want this every day, but today I am especially frustrated by it.  Gimpy and I want to save money so that we can afford the things we want for the future (aka the little cozy house with a big sunny backyard), so for his birthday this year in April we (HE) decided he just wanted a casual house party. 

To me, a casual house party welcoming Spring and Gimpy to another year of being awesome means that I need some decorations and a luau party!  That means, I need some of these for sure - 
You fill them with ice and store your beverages!  I have one for Halloween that's a pumpkin, so you get multiple parties our of them for sure.  It also means I need some of these -
As clearly not everyone drinks beer.  And finally (not really, but all I am going to give away for now), you need some of these for doing your hair. 

The problem I am running into, is where to have this luau.  I have two friends with club houses that we can rent out, but at $100+ each, it defeats the purpose of saving money.  So now I am faced with really, really wanting one of these.

Or one of these

Or really.... both.  Sadly, it's not in the cards now, so I may have to settle for a park or on the beach, both great options, but a little chilly for mid-April!  Start praying now for an unseasonably warm April 16th, as I don't want B to freeze in her coconut bra...


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