Monday, January 24, 2011

Sushi X II

Last week I threw a "Bye Bye Jersey, Welcome Home" party for a friend who finally was able to get a job in town.  We went to this new place, Sushi X.  They do a $22 all you can eat sushi, all you can drink hot sake.  Basically a recipe for disaster, as all other booze was BYOB, and we had wine and Sapporo flowing.
We were a huge group, 25 people total, so it was a little tricky for the staff.  They asked us to order in groups of 6, and my group was the middle one at the big table.  Unfortunately they didn't bring us our sushi - they lost our order and we had to resubmit it after everyone else had ordered their second plates!  

Luckily we had sake bombs to tied us over - yum!  We ordered another round of appetizers while we waited, and then the sushi finally came.  It was good, but we were also pretty darn drunk, so I think we'll have to go back again another time to try it again.


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