Friday, November 12, 2010

Drunken Scavenger Hunt around Town! - Now with pictures!

Tomorrow night I am organizing what can only be called a drunken night around town.  I've decided we need to mix it up a bit, and get out to some new places, as well as break up the group of 40+ of us into smaller groups!  I've organized a scavenger hunt!

Gimpy and I are having people meet at Gingerman at 8 to have the first beer.  We'll give everyone to about 8:30, and we'll announce the rules and pass out the lists.  They'll have from 8:30 to 12:30 to gather as many points from the list as they can.

Here's my list!

5 Pts - Picture with a person in a band tee shirt (5 bonus points for their fave song  
10 Pts - Business cards with handwritten cell phone numbers on them (we will check them...)
15 Pts - Chug a drink against another person (photo evidence required)          
5 Pts - Picture with a person who has a musical instrument
20 Pts - Photo evidence of someone serenading you, or you serenading them

6 Pts - 6 different beer bottle caps
Unlimited - 1 Point for every matchbook from a bar or restaurant
25 Pts - Photo with someone in a uniform, any uniform
50 Pts - 6 person human pyramid (photo evidence)

10 Pts - Take out menu
15 Pts - Photo of one team member working behind the bar
75 Pts - Find Julie at Match, and figure out her favorite shot.  One team mate has to take shots until you get the right one - you don't both have to take them, but Julie will initial off when you get the right one!
     a. Sex on the Beach
     b. Slippery Nipple
     c. Buttery Nipple
     d. Blow Job
     e. Red Headed Slut
25 Pts - An empty nip bottle
10 Pts - Photo of the worst hair you can find
20 Pts - Cocktail umbrella
Unlimited - Wine corks, 1 point for each
5 Pts per person - How many people can you fit in a bathroom stall? (Photo evidence required)

75 Pts - A Zima
15 Pts - Picture with the preppiest person at the bar
25 Pts - 5 cocktail napkins with phone numbers and lipstick kisses

Gimpy and I will also include some clues where they have to figure out what bar we are at to end the night.  They have to report in at 12:30, and then we'll judge them, and announce the winners!

It was a really, really good time!  We had a blast, and I think that everyone around town also enjoyed my friends darting in and out.


mm said...

I LOVE this idea!! I have always been obsessed with scavenger hunts, but it's so hard to get enough people on board. Luckily you're such a good party organizer you can make it happen! Can't wait to see the pics!! :o)

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