Wednesday, August 18, 2010

A Million Dresses, and Nothing to Wear

Last Friday, my friends Zack and Marisa got married.  It was a beautiful outdoor wedding on the water at The Inn at Longshore - stunning setting.  I wore a super cute blue dress with a scalloped top, it was the perfect dress for the occasion.

This Friday night, my cousin Aly is getting married at Elizabeth Park in Hartford, CT, and I have a super cute coral-pink dress with one shoulder and roses on the left sleeve.  So excited.  Blue last Friday, coral-pink this Friday, and now the big issue.

This Friday, after leaving Aly's wedding, Gimpy and I will be driving the 9 hours to Virginia for a wedding that he is in.  We'll sleep about 2 hours, shower, and get ready for a Saturday 2pm wedding that's at an outdoor gazebo.  Trouble is, I am out of colorful dresses with the exception of the one I am loaning my sister... so I don't know what to wear!  Right now I am leaning toward borrowing B's dress (far right above)...


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